Missionary work

  1. R55791

    Bethesda Zambia school Bus Driver

    Support those who are training missionaries and churches to know how to rescue and rehabilitate vulnerable children and youths on the street in a godly, professional and sustainable way. Offer valuable support by driving trainers and students and caring for the team vehicles.

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  2. Tabitha Business Trainer

    Tabitha Skills Development is a ministry that exists to see women empowered, freed from physical and spiritual oppression, and hope resorted where all hope has been lost.  This empowerment of marginalized and vulnerable women is done through skills training, discipleship and small business.

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  3. R41100

    Kingdom Kids Teacher

    Teaching MKs, children, Africa

    Kingdom Kids is a morning programme for local children.  The children range in age from 2.5 - 5 years.  Some children are MKs and others are from local farms.

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