Removing the language barrier

By offering English classes to missions-minded Paraguayans, the OM team seeks to eliminate one barrier preventing people from going overseas.

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Always a full house

Vitor and Ivanir Christovam step into new roles for Latin America in people care after learning how to care for workers on the field in Moldova.

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The reason to stay

Jana’s decision to remain in her home country Georgia catches people’s attention, causing many to watch closely how she lives and what she lives for.

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Roma believer writing for the Roma

OM EAST: Arli Roma believer, Biljana, is committed to God’s call to reach her nation with the Gospel.

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A landmark day for the Riverboat Project

God is moving the Europe Riverboat Project on as a captain is found, a boat contracted, and volunteer crew begin to board.

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Freeing the Dalits

In 1988, it became evident to leadership that OM needed to respond to the hundreds of millions of poor and marginalised in India, specifically the Dalit-Bahujan people, or ‘untouchables’.

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Bringing the truth to light

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Logos Hope crewmembers provide training on Christian response to HIV and AIDs for staff members at the care home Hope Hospice.

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Living lives dedicated to God

Montego Bay, Jamaica :: Crewmembers share the gospel and encourage young people to live for God during a tent meeting of area Baptist churches.

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Doulos: a platform for peace in Papua New Guinea

In 1999, national bitterness and divisions were set aside on board Doulos, which facilitated an historic reconciliation after conflict in the Pacific islands.

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Dabbling in the office of dreams

For the OM Africa communications and media team, the latest and greatest thing is a duck.

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'Get out of my brothel!'

God is allowing OMers to slowly build relationships with the owners of a brothel in Central Asia.

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Let there be chickens

OM Namibia partners with local pastor in community business effort raising chickens.

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God instead of a gun

A story of God's grace and the life changing transformation of Juan and his family in Santay Island, Ecuador.

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“What shall I do with Buddha now?”

A Discipleship centre student from an unreached people group meets a girl with the same ethnic background and tells to her about salvation.

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Broken hearts' melody

Three children from the House of Joy project in Kosovo fall in love with music arts during an Arts Therapy session.

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Then the world will know

"How can we BE a vibrant community, resilient and fruitful in ministry?" asks Marijke Kuo. The answer, she says, lies with people care.

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Discipled, equipped and transformed

A young woman's life is transformed by the love of Jesus shared and displayed through Tabitha Skills Training in Zambia.

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Agape Project: Jesus + football

Underprivileged kids learn about Jesus through a weekly football programme.

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Director's Update - July 2017

OM Director's Update from Lawrence Tong, International Director

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‘A year of harvest’

Local OM worker plants a church in a conservative Muslim village and sees fruit after ten years of prayer.

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