Final flight of the bicycles

Ride 2 Transform takes its third tour of southern Malawi for ministry and support.

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But first, English

OM writer Nicole visits the English Short Course in Brazil to interview students and teachers about learning a second language.

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New opportunities to share Christ with refugees in Greece

Relationships form and opportunities to share Christ follow as OM workers minister to those seeking refuge in Athens and beyond.

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No full-time missionaries

The OM team in Asunción, Paraguay, support themselves with various jobs while continuing to grow OM ministries.

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North Africans prepare to go to Iraq

The OM Near East Field church planting school prepares students to cross cultural and religious boundaries.

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Fear, insecurity and a zeal for Jezreel

A zeal for the Jezreel Valley overcomes fear and insecurity.

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A place to come ashore

After many challenges, the vision for a community centre becomes a reality.

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The family business

Nassau, Bahamas :: The Esposito family from Argentina enjoys serving God together on board Logos Hope, bringing professional skills and supporting each other.

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Being a go-fer for George Verwer

George Verwer's go-fers have been impacted by the OM founder's life and witness.

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OMer plants church in new neighbourhood

One OMer wanted to find another church in his new neighborhood. Little did he know that he would be planting that church.

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Bringing Christ to the youth of Hungary

The impact of baseball on young people’s lives in Hungary goes far beyond learning how to play a new sport.

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Abandoning ruinous traditions

A woman from a least-reached group of people accepted Christ during Discipleship Centre student outreach.

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Modern "Acts"

A family in Turkey is impacted by the gospel through contacts with the Bible Correspondence Course.

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Out of the Comfort Zone Asia 2017 begins

On July 8, 2017 the Out of the Comfort Zone Asia, a short-term missions conference, began.

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Continuing to be a legacy

When OM Ireland's journalist, Hannah Rueber, went to interview a former secretary of George Verwer, she left with a different story than she'd expected.

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"I would never be a missionary!"

Alvin Tey, Executive Director of OM Mercy Teams International (OM MTI), shares his missions journey.

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Sports: uniting churches and players

A soccer tournament unites churches and brings together players of all religious backgrounds.

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The Father heart of God

A kids' camp brings healing and forgiveness in the township of Mamelodi.

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Learning to dream

A project supported by OM Balkans provides vocational skills training for youth at risk of dropping out of school.

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Winning with a word

A new term of English classes begins in central North Africa.

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