The way to God is OPEN

Over 2,500 teenagers from 21 countries explore the unhindered relationship God wants to have with His children at TeenStreet Europe, from 2-9 August.

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Reading and Writing with Jesus

OM Madagascar responded to the declining literacy rate in the Androy region by starting a literacy course in Ambovombe. Last month the first class graduated, and the second class began.

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Creatively equipped

Gunsan, South Korea :: English teacher Sewon is inspired to use drama in her church through the Equip 101 workshop.

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Standing out in a crowd

Bethany Lyttle, a student of OM Chile’s missions training, shares her experience in a youth congress that she attended with OM.

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One wish

“If you could have one wish from God today, what would you wish for?” Evangelism coach, Richard Sharp, taught his outreach method called ‘One Wish’.

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Stirrings under the veil

One week before Ramadan, 17 participants share God’s love with hundreds of Arab tourists in Zell am See, Austria.

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He Went to Church For the Candy

Pastor Rene Armand, a pastor from the Androy region of Madagascar, shares how he became a pastor.

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Words of encouragement

Name: Eileen Rijke

Home: Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Born in: April 1974

Joined OM Ships: September 2013

Previous employment: Volunteer at a radio station

Current job on board: Service desk team member

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Keep your smiles

During her three months mission trip to Paris, Madeline realised how precious it is to be a living testimony for the homeless.

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Director's Update - Aug 2014

OM Director's Update from Lawrence Tong, International Director.

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Sharing the Gospel with a cardboard coffin

Street evangelism - that’s how Nicolas ended up carrying a 2 meter high cardboard coffin on a bus across Santiago, Chile.

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Tailoring for transformation

Two young Bangladeshi women experienced great joy and release from the OM tailoring courses, bringing dignity, honour and financial gain to their communities and families.

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A work in progress

OM EAST develop new booklet for red light ministries.

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I am the prodigal son

OM Chile's Agape ministry has been running an Alpha course in the day centre for homeless people. Bethany Lyttle shares of her experience there.

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Ask me

Children’s honesty about forgiveness inspires one worker to have a heart like a child to care for the people in Angola.

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Builders from the Baltic

When one OMer needed help fixing the youth centre in Kratovo, Macedonia, friends from Poland came to help and were equally blessed by their involvement.

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An unexpected letter

OM EAST rejoices at God’s provision sent by post.

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Giving a boost

Busan, South Korea :: Logos Hope carpenters equip Pastor Noh with new tables to support the ministry of Gaya Dong Boo Church.

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Mighty to heal

A group of Miao Christians in China saw a man kept in a cage, naked and chained during their visit to a remote Yi village. Through answered prayer, 80% of the village has since accepted the Lord.

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Where are the crazy people when you need them?

Greg Kernaghan suggests we create more space for those out-of-the-box, “crazy” thinkers in our midst, who resemble our organisation’s forerunners.

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