Journey of discovery

Gunsan, South Korea :: University student Min discovers more about mission and is challenged to get involved at an onboard event.

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A second generation steps out

Name: Sam Castro

Home: Pachuca, Mexico

Born in: March 1988

Joined OM Ships: September 2013

Previous employment: Veterinarian

Current job on board: Shift leader in the book fair

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NewsBytes - July/Aug 2014

A digest of world mission news

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Changing for the glory of God

An Albanian family living in difficulties receives godly help and embarks on a Bible study that brings about positive change in their lives.

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The smuggler

Alex Erdélyi, an OM contact in Czechoslovakia during the Cold War, continues to publish and distribute Christian literature today.

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A walk of prayer

An OM Pakistan team and local believers carry out a prayer walk through the city in spite of fear of opposition.

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The joy of the Lord is her strength

Needing God’s love and job skills, one young woman discovers a new future at OM Bangladesh’s residential discipleship programme.

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Here we go again!

Cyclist Michel Di Felciantonio writes an open letter to supporters of Ride2Transform, a tour through Italy to raise awareness for OM projects.

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Yat Lau Yat Fung Yat Mong

Over 300 women work in Yat Lau Yat Fung – one woman, one-room walk-ups. OM works to bring each woman “Yat Mong” – one hope in Christ.

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The way I see it: Transforming lives 

“Let’s take time and reflect on how we are transforming the lives of those God has entrusted into our hands,” says OM leader Roberto Facanha.

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Sharing the word faithfully

OM Pakistan goes into bazaars, streets and houses with literature about God to meet those eager to learn more.

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The prayer-answering God

A young Bangladeshi man combines his faith and passion for football after experiencing God’s transforming power in his and his family’s lives.

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Community living, Jesus style

How do you shine God’s light to people in the community in which God has placed you?

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From youth centre to café

OM in Kratovo, Macedonia, transforms a church youth centre for International Women's Day to share God’s love through an evening for local ladies.

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Blogger, speaker and more!

Dragan Alchinov yearns to reach other Macedonians with the Gospel through his roles in OM and using various forms of new media.

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Love knows no barrier

Name: Shanice Stuurman

Home: Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Born in: February 1993

Joined OM Ships: February 2013

Previous employment: Mission Discipleship Training in South Africa

Current job on board: Engine room watchkeeper

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A heart for Macedonia

Magda and Jacek Duda from Poland joined OM Macedonia in 2013. Serving in the little town of Kratovo is literally the fulfilment of a dream.

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Director's Update - July 2014

Director's Update from Lawrence Tong, International Director

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Instruments of God in Mexico

New OM team members feel encouraged to be an instrument of God in Mexico.

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Understanding needs in the UK

English Language Community Outreach students from OM Lifehope lend a hand to volunteers at the Black Country Food Bank near Birmingham, UK.

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