Inner freedom

OM Associate International Director Viv Thomas discusses why freedom in Christ is so important and about how to cultivate that freedom.

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Practicing in Paraguay

Newlyweds work and serve in Paraguay, practicing the ministry model they hope to follow in Montenegro next year.

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A glimpse of heaven

Freeport, The Bahamas :: Logos Hope makes her inaugural visit to Freeport, following up on sister ship Logos II's time in the port in 2008.

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Beautiful Sarajevo

In the Olympic city of Sarajevo, OM connects with the local people through spaghetti nights, sports, 'smoke breaks' and coffee.

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Experiencing vibrant community at TeenStreet

How does TeenStreet, a 25-year-old ministry to youth, fit into OM's new global mission focus?

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ZOOM+ 2017: God wants us to write His story

At the end of April, the second ZOOM national mission conference, with 300 participants from over 80 cities and towns, was held in Warsaw, Poland.

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The next ship project

The vessel that became Logos Hope was purchased in the Faroe Islands. OM’s Ship Ministry has a special place in the hearts of Jesus followers there.

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‘You don’t see the plant, but the roots are growing underneath’

Three OM Hungary team members share what they’ve learned while serving as teachers at the International Christian School of Budapest.

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Ministry in the home

One missionary speaks about the challenges of taking someone with a different background into your home.

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HIV positive, but positive about life

One Uzbek woman gains new hope after receiving the help she needs after finding out she is HIV positive.

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When discipleship and ministry collide

During the OM's Ride 2 Transform 2017 cycle tour, 17 cyclists biked 550 kilometres around southern Malawi, visiting the Yao people, distributing AudioBibles and praying.

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Director's Update - Aug 2017

OM Director's Update from Lawrence Tong, International Director

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It's possible to go

OM Paraguay uses their Asunción base to expose young people to missions, preparing them to go to the least reached.

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By God’s design

Nassau, The Bahamas :: A Filipino volunteer joins a team of Chinese-speaking crewmembers to visit local Chinese-owned shops and is surprised to connect with four Filipinos at a supermarket.

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Progress along Europe’s waterways

OM's Riverboat will bring the gospel to six ports in three European countries over the course of three months, starting in December 2017.

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Missions training in Asia

From 8-12 July, 135 Out of the Comfort Zone participants and staff gathered for practical missions training in Malaysia, before dispersing for outreaches in nine Asian countries.

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Friendship culture

Three Brazilian women use cultural connections to make friendships around the Muslim world.

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Arab believers find international churches

In the midst of transition, OM workers encourage refugee believers to become part of the local church.

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Peter Maiden: Bringing structure to a pioneering movement

George’s ‘heir apparent’ for 20+ years, Peter Maiden became International Director in 2003. OM talked with Peter and his wife, Win, about their years in OM, visiting nearly 100 countries, and the 10 years Peter served as OM’s International Director.

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Rebuilding at 3,880 metres

A man shares about the devastating effects of the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal on his family and community, and about how they're rebuilding today.

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