Late in 2015, Ugel* a new believer living in one of OM’s least reached focus districts, heard about the Shiloh Farm internship. 

He had earlier hoped to get a high paying job, but quickly gave this up when he learnt about the opportunities with Shiloh Farms to grow in his faith and farming practice.  

Like many others in his village, Ugel had lived an immoral life.  But through the training, he was able to see how his actions had affected his family and he responded by cutting off ties with his old ways.  Now, Ugel reports that he and his wife are closer than ever before. 

Ugel graduated from the one year Shiloh Farm's internship at the end of 2016, and has returned back to his wife and little daughter.  He and his wife remain the only believers in his village, but he believes that his witness and farming will soon change that.

*Name Changed

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