“Two of the girls, who came with us to Hungary last year, rang my doorbell just before we departed for our outreach this year,” said Susanne*, one of the leaders of the Swiss group outreach to Hungary. “The two wanted us to take presents to the disabled people they had met during last year’s outreach in Hungary.”

Susanne and her husband, Kurt*, are deacons at a Swiss Reformed church. Together they are teaching a confirmation preparation class to 15 year-old youth. The course includes basic biblical knowledge and issues of the Christian faith, and as a requirement to graduate, the whole class participates in an outreach in Hungary.

That first outreach was a step of faith for the leaders because the students’ maturity level and faith differed a lot, but they took the risk. For a week they helped out in a camp for disabled people.

The feedback of the youth after the camp was very positive: they felt challenged in a new way and experienced things they had never experienced before. The two girls at Susanne’s door were two of these participants. It was exciting to see, how they still remembered and how they wanted to send presents to the people they had spent time with the year before.

Susanne and Kurt decided to repeat the experience and invited this year’s confirmation class to go to Hungary. During their time, they met a travelling team from Logos Hope who just happened to be at the same church that Sunday morning. The group listened to the exciting stories of the Logos Hope people. They learned about the ship, its ministries on board and on shore. One of the girls was so touched that she decided to join the Logos Hope crew as soon as she reached the required age of 18. “She is already budgeting her small apprenticeship wage to save money to make her dream come true one day.” shared Susanne.

Pray for group outreaches within different denominations, so that participants may have life-changing experiences individually and as a group. Pray for more congregations and youth groups to consider the opportunity to be an agent of change and be changed.

*Names changed

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