Throughout the history of the movement, OM has encouraged the formation of many new organisations. Whether a local ministry, missional business or a whole new movement, OM has embraced visionary and national leadership in bold trailblazing.

Since the early '60s, OM has been active in India; eventually, all that hard work, sacrifice and prayer have yielded a massive movement of churches and ministries. OM in India grew to become an independent church-based movement, with ministries from church planting to education and economic development. Since 2012, this organisation has been known as GS/OM India, Good Shepherd Church of India.

One internationally recognised OM ministry in India has served among the Dalit people, considered as ‘untouchables’ in India’s modern-day caste system. Before its independence, OM India leader Joseph D´souza founded the Dalit Freedom Network (DFN), an organisation dedicated to give a voice to the voiceless. DFN’s mission is to end atrocities against and help the Dalit people achieve fundamental rights through a foundation of education, healthcare and economic empowerment.

Rise of national leadership

During the mid-'60s KP Yohannan, then 16, met OMers at his home church in Kerala, southern India. Stories about the needs around India encouraged him to join OM summer campaigns for the next seven years. Traveling around India, Yohannan was struck with the impact and importance of national leadership in ministry.

“My urgent, overpowering love for the village people of India and the poor masses grew over the years. People began to nickname me ‘Gandhi Man’ after the father of modern India, Mahatma Gandhi. Like him, I realised that if the village people of India were ever to be won [for Christ], it would have to be by brown-skinned nationals who loved them,” he writes in his book, Revolution in World Missions, about the eye-opening experience of working with OM gospel teams.

In 1974, Yohannan moved to the US, where he studied theology, but he couldn’t forget the countless millions in Asia who had no possibility to hear the gospel. He resigned from his pastorate after four years and, with his German wife, Gisela, started an organisation known today as Gospel for Asia, supporting national workers and vibrant congregations all around South Asia.

Since its beginning, KP Yohannan has challenged Western churches and their picture of missionaries by raising awareness about ministry in Asia and funds for national missionaries. Today, Gospel for Asia has trained thousands of national missionaries in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh to be part of transforming communities through Christ’s love.

Specialists by heart and skills

Greg Livingstone organised the first American group to join OM for a summer campaign in 1963. Since then, he served in many countries, from India to Lebanon and all the way to Canada. His passion has been to bring the gospel to the Muslims, recruiting more people to join that task.

After travelling the globe for 20 years, first with Operation Mobilisation and then North Africa Mission (NAM), Livingstone had an urge to start something new. In May 1983, he prayed to God: “Why do we need yet another mission agency?” He got an answer: There was no agency that was focused completely on reaching Muslims by living and testifying among them. A new mission agency to bring Jesus to Muslims, Frontiers was established in 1983 under Greg’s leadership and has earned its place as a specialist in ministry among Muslims.

“More than anyone else in my life, [George Verwer] had always demonstrated how much he believed in me. Giving me assignments that were way over my head, he had simply expected that, by God’s grace, I would manage to carry out the plan. It was an operating principle I would take with me into Frontiers, as I released team leaders to carry out the impossible,” Livingston writes in his book, You’ve got Libya, about his relationship and shared history with OM’s founder.

Today, Frontiers is a movement of 1,300 field workers in Africa and Asia. Their mission is to, with love and respect, invite all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus. Frontiers is a movement of people sharing the love of Jesus among the least reached.

Tatu Kekkonen is a journalist and creative artist from Finland. Through everything he does, he wants to keep reflecting the Creator. 


The following is a list of ministries founded by former OM workers, adapted from the book Spiritual Revolution: The Story of OM, by Ian Randall

  • Ambassadors Fellowship, Virgil Amos (USA)           
  • Camps, Federico & Marta Aparisi (Spain) 
  • STV videos, Dave Armstrong (UK)              
  • Media Serve, Frank & Leena Arthur (Sweden)        
  • Sat 7, Terry Ascot (Cyprus)            

  • MK Nest, In-Sook Baek (Korea)   
  • Hope Ministries, Stephen Banna (India, Karnataka)             
  • Radio, church planting, Pepe & Judith Barrios (Mexico)     
  • Interaction, George Baxter (UK) 
  • Alpha, Ron & Annabeth Beard (USA)         
  • First Generation Christians, Yodhistir Behra (India, West Bengal)   
  • Misiones Mundailes, Frederico Bertussi (Argentina)            
  • Global Career, Ben Bester (South Africa) 
  • Handicapped Prayer Ministry, Narayan Bhagat (Nepal)      
  • Ministries Argentinas, Matthias Boerhoop (Netherlands)  
  • Silk Road Institute, George & Alison Burch (Bulgaria)          
  • Prayer for Israel, Ken Burnett (UK)            
  • Grupos Biblicos Universitarios, David & Margaret Burt and Stuart &Verna Park (Spain)          
  • Projeto Magreb, Pablo Carillo (Spain)       
  • Orphan’s Hope, Steve Cassidy (USA)         
  • Source of Life Ministries, Rev. Joseph Chacko (India-Goa)
  • Coach Missions Fellowship, Sung-Chul Cho (Korea)             
  • Korea Harbor Evangelism, Paul Choi (Korea)          
  • Farel Publishing, Mike Evans (France)       
  • Middle East Media, John Ferwerda (USA)
  • People International, World in Need, Ron George (UK)      
  • Fellowship of Evangelical Missionaries FEMI, Jonathan Gilmore and Kurt Jost (Italy)              
  • Friendship Centre India, John Gladstone (India)     
  • Cursos Biblicos. Alturas, Daniel Gonzalez (Spain)  
  • Elshadi, Gopu (India, Chennai)     
  • Prayer Mobilisation, Arunn Kumar Gundami (India, Karnataka)       
  • Business Aid, Knowledge Life, Lars-Göran Gustafson (Sweden)       
  • New Light, Nathan H. (India, West Begal)
  • Kerygma Video Trust, Nick Hall (UK)         
  • Love in Action, Sue Halstead (UK)              
  • AlongSideAsia, Dave Hicks (USA) 
  • Spear, World In Need, Bob Hitching (UK) 
  • Grace and Light, Mark Hopkins (UK & Nigeria)      
  • Magazine, Ed Hoyer (Canada)     
  • Orissa Follow-up, D.B. Hrudaya (India, Orissa)      
  • Lingua Link, John & Pauline Hymus (UK)   
  • Karnataka Subhasamachara Mandali, B.D. Immanuel (India)           
  • The Harvest Team, C.M. Joy (India, Manipur)        
  • Friends of All Nations, David Chul-Hwan Jun (Korea)           
  • Hungipanki Tribal Missionaries, Vinod Kalpal (India, Karnataka)      
  • Christian Youth Connection Nepal, Steve Kaptain (Nepal)                
  • Bookshops, George Khalil (Israel)              
  • International Outreach, Mobin Khan (USA)            
  • MultiLanguage Media, Jay & Jean Krause (USA)    
  • Frontiers, Greg Livingstone (USA)              
  • Firm Foundation Trust, Roger Malstead (UK)         
  • New Life Ministries / New Life Publishing, Thomas Mathai (India, Kerala)   
  • Media Matters, Bob McCloud (USA)         
  • Retreat and Training Center, Mike McKinley (USA)              
  • Freedom Quest, Mel & Sharon Middleton (Canada)            
  • Antioch Network, George Miley (USA)     
  • Auto-Mission, Stuart & Maureen Moreton (France)            
  • Jericho Walls International, Bennie Mostert (South Africa)              
  • Central European Missionary Fellowship (CEMF), Marsh Moyle (Austria)     
  • Care & Share, P. Mukherjee (India, Bhubaneshwar)            
  • Aslan Video, Rick & Darlene Munro (Canada)        
  • Gospel and Social Action Ministries, D. Naik (India, Orissa)              
  • Action International, Doug Nichols (USA)
  • Indian Evangelical Association, P.R Paricha (India, Kuttak)
  • Hannah International Mobilisation, Barnabas Soo-Jin Park (Korea)
  • Bisjyothis Ministries, Patabpani (India, Bhubaneshwar)      
  • Love Orissa, S. Patro (India)         
  • Medical Ambassadors, Arul Paul (India)    
  • Orphanage, Joseph Paul (India, Tamil Nadu)
  • Translation Trust, Trevor Penrose (UK)     
  • Nepal Gospel Outreach, Nepal Mission Society, Resham RajPoudel (Nepal)
  • Elijah Company, Inc., Norman Przybylski (USA)      

  • Bagda for Christ, Durai Raj and Muthan (India, Ootty)
  • Equip & Encourage International, Graham & Frieda Roberts (Australia)       
  • Rollins Associates, Harley Rollins (USA)    
  • Doorway to Spain, Bill Roop (Spain)          
  • Christ Mission Ashram, Sukrit Roy (India, Calcutta)             
  • Coffee shop ministry, Mauricio Salazar (Belgium)
  • Church planting, Librado Sagado (Albania)             
  • Quiet Corner Ministries, Thomas Samuel (India)   
  • Jubilee Action and Jubilee Campaign, Danny Smith (UK)     
  • Stichting Hand, Tiny Snell (Netherlands)   
  • Cornerstone World Challenge, A. Stephan (India) 
  • New Life, Heinz Strupler (Switzerland)       

  • Formation, Viv Thomas (UK)        
  • Southampton Asian Christian Outreach, Clive Thorne (UK)
  • Salem Orphanage, Vijayakumar (India, Salem)      
  • Precision Media, Bill & Tami Sue Webster (Canada)            
  • Love Maharashtra, Chris Williams (India) 
  • El Olivo, Trevor & Manoli Allen (Spain)      

  • Gospel for Asia, KP Yohannan (USA)          
  • Off the Fence, Paul Young (UK)   
  • Fellowship for International Mission, Hae-Seok Yu (Korea)             
  • Somebody Cares Southland, Norm Brinkley (USA) 

  • Manara Book Ministries, Isam Ghattas (Jordan)     

  • Middle East Media, John Ferwerda (USA) 

  • Dalit Freedom Network, Joseph D´Souza (India)
  • World Outreach Mission, Terje Liverød (Norway)   
  • Mobilisation Church, Sverre Blindheimsvik (Norway)
  • K.A.B.A., Paul Bolus and Tone Johansen (Norway)

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