Global Food Garden in The Arab World June Option

To assist, learn and develop the GFG project for the Arab World

The GFG project is to create a ministry tool in the different countries, a clear identity of the worker and a sustainable ministry through income and businesses.

Singles welcome
Sorry, no married couples
Sorry, no families
Sorry, no groups
Sat 1 Jun 2019 to Wed 31 Jul 2019
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Application closed
800.00 USD
20 - 40
Ministry details

1) assist the team in the ongoing maintenance of the current aquaponics greenhouse system;
2) learn the basics of aquaponics farming;
3) be involved in troubleshooting, planning, and day to- day chores around the greenhouse (some of it will involving getting dirty);
4) friendships with local hotel staff and neighbors;
5) be involved with the team and wider field in prayer gatherings and training events, when appropriate.
6) Helping on future GFG setting in the region.

Participant profile

Due to cultural reasons, this option is just available for men!
Any of the following backgrounds, skills or
education: agriculture, water/waste-water
management, biology, aquaculture, business,
construction, Marketing, general sciences,


Accommodation will be provided.


Money will be given to you. You will then take care of your own food.


The local contact will assist to organize them.


Health insurance is recommendable.


According to the normal visitor’s visa regulations.


The price is per month!
This option shows a possibility on the date. It is possible to extend the time frames up to four months.

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