Internet Advertising Co-ordinator

Looking to use your advertising skills in a role that really makes a difference? We're reaching out online to share Jesus with Turks and are looking for a tech-savvy self starter to join our team.

You'll be primarily responsible for our online advertising through GoogleAds, Bing and Facebook.

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A calling confirmed

Turkey is a 'hot-climate' culture, meaning that people are relationship-oriented rather than task-oriented.

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'Please come back tomorrow'

An OMer sharing the gospel at a police station in Turkey is asked to return and carry on the conversation.

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The long-term short-termer

A woman from the US has cultivated a love for Turkey and OM ministries there, completing over 25 short-term trips in 31 years.

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Open hearts in Turkey

Long-term workers in Turkey are seeing openness to the gospel like they haven't in many years. They share some recent stories here.

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The Caravan

Did you know the Bible was written from a Middle Eastern perspective? What would happen if we started sharing the Gospel from that perspective? The Good News is bigger than we think! Come and find out how much bigger. Join us for 11 months as you live, interact, and grow in a community that is focused on learning how to share Jesus from a Middle Eastern world view. Come join the Journey!

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TACO team touches hearts

The TACO team in Turkey uses creative arts like dance, music, and drama to share the good news with Muslim people groups across the region.

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Training in Muslim Outreach

Our team in Istanbul welcomes you!  Our training programme will prepare you in Turkish language, Muslim apologetics, creative evangelism and team life.  Our vibrant city is a great backdrop for learning the ropes in the Muslim world.

Creative artists are also welcome and there is a separate track for them.

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Modern "Acts"

A family in Turkey is impacted by the gospel through contacts with the Bible Correspondence Course.

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Child helper/au pair

We are looking for ladies who can come for min. 3 months and max. 9 months (one school year). Tasks would vary and would be focussed on supporting the mom, so that she can be involved in ministry, and/or have help at home with kids and housekeeping.

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