Building on generations

Pressing on through the challenges of their work, one couple has seen God building on generations of home fellowships in Pakistan.

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Driven out and called back

Kabir left his hometown after being opposed for his faith but surprisingly was called back.

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The gospel on the road

OM hosts an annual outreach, bringing participants together to share the gospel in 12 cities throughout Pakistan's tribal areas and most remote regions.

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On the road to make Him known

65 participants travelled throughout Pakistan's provinces to share the Good News with those who have never heard.

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Finding God's purpose in Pakistan

The road that moves the church where it's never been is usually not the easiest path. This is the story of OM’s work among the unreached people in Sindh province.

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Honourable wage

OM runs centers in different parts of the country to teach sewing skills to trainees. This provides an opportunity for women's growth in the community.

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"I will help others in need"

Kids' Games in Pakistan challenge children to take a step of action in their lives and to consider others above themselves.

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Peace from God

Nasir experienced peace from God during challenges at OM's training that forced him out of his comfort zone.

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Learning how to live for Christ

Fazeen is a graduate of OM's training programme, through which God changed her life's perspective and direction.

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Brighter outlook through sewing

Positive changes in Farah's life came from the skills training she received at OM's sewing centre and her commitment to work hard.

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