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Anti-Trafficking Team Member

Do you have a heart for the vulnerable and marginalized, and want to fight the injustice of sexual slavery?

Italy is a destination country for victims of sexual exploitation. There is a lack of support structures to meet the many needs of the women trapped in prostitution.

We're looking for additions to our small team to help us develop the ministry further.

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Church Planter

In Italy, where the roots of Catholicism lay, only very few people have a living relationship with God and know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Do you want to help create a vibrant community of Jesus followers among the people In Pisa? Do you have a desire to reach Italians with the true gospel message? Come and join OM Italia to serve with a local church plant and help in reaching out to Italians.

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Bringing Christ to the heart of Pisa

A new church in Pisa puts the gospel at the centre of everything and has committed to reaching its neighbours, especially young people and students.

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Showing them another way

By providing holistic care and support to victims of human trafficking, OM hopes to lead them to freedom in Christ.

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Connecting with kids in Fucecchio

The team in Fucecchio, near Pisa puts on their first English Sports camp after a year of local ministry through an after school programme.

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Transform 2016: A refugee’s prayer - An insight into short-term refugee ministry

Meeting Christian refugees praying for European governments made a deep impression on a Transform participant. For another, the term ‘refugee’ got a whole new meaning.

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Incarnate 2016

Artists gathered in Italy for Incarnate 2016 with purpose: to pursue the arts while engaging in cross-cultural missions. 

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International arts festival impacts Italian community

Artists present visual and performing arts during the international art Festival Week hosted by OM Arts International’s Incarnate programme.

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What I do have, I give to you

Christian Pilz spent a week in the refugee camp in Idomeni, where 13,000 people camp at the closed border. “What happened to us?” he wonders.

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